• Ali Brown

A Wedding Logo Turned into a Tattoo

When I first met Ellie she had been sadly let down. A badly created logo that lacked the look and feel that she wanted. A few messaged back an forth and the Martin-Healey logo came to life with the look of a lino cut and hints of the sea.

A year, or more, gone by and the happy couple were finally able to take their vows. In the meantime Cheebies Childcare was delivered as a logo to help Ellie with her fab new business. This lovely soft and dreamy watercolour style logo is available to view in my gallery.

Ellie sent some great photos of a few of the wedding favours and gifts that she used her logo on, even a denim jacket. So looking forwards to seeing more photos of the happy day.

Update this week - Ellie has contacted me again recently to ask that I turn her wedding logo into a tattoo ! Yes you read me right here, what a cracking idea. Love it...

Soon I'll be able to share this with you after a few tweaks and changes. I'm so looking forward to seeing my design on skin.

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