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Recognised in the Lancashire Chamber Voice Magazine

New write up and new merchandise on the plan for this golden little book.

The recognition of this golden little book keep building as I am committed to spreading the word with the aim of getting it to as many people in need as possible. Having joined forces with the author to work on planning and promotion there are some exciting events to follow, including an children's book event in Fleetwood on 29th October - more details to follow.

A recent write up in the Lancashire Chamber magazine, Voice autumn edition, gives a short version of the journey that I have taken to this point. It was such a great offer to take up when I was contacted by the media company that publishes the magazine. In my view, the more people that know about this little treasure of a book the more chance we have to bring comfort and soothing to those who are lost in grief.

New Merchandise on the Horizon

Recent events see us teaming up with an old school friend of mine, Viv Theobald, who now runs her own custom print and crafts services, VJT Designs. Bringing Viv on board allows us to work on the offer of custom merchandise, which will be sold on this site exclusively. There is a plan for four designs of mug, coaster, keyring etc, all taken from the original illustrations of the book plus an offer of personalisation. Further down the line, in the not too distant future, will be sympathy cards. All of this is at the exciting design, colour, tweaking, planning and costing stages. Look out on the shop page of the web site as nee products are added.

Click the link below to take you directly to the shop page on this site:

Azraelle mug, coaster, keyring
New merchandise to come

Just at the earliest stages we are working on style, colour and placement of these sublimation printed products.

Getting the colour right will be the tricky part but we are determined to get something that our clients will love and that compliments this fabulous little book really well.

As soon as products are ready we will start loading on to the site but with a hand printed, perfectly packaged little mug like this all beautifully wrapped and sent to your door for a total of around £9.99 who can argue?

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